Tending the Soul: Centering Clay

By Sally Suzuki

What does the name “Centering Way” conjure in you, as you tend to your soul? My dear friend Sally Suzuki offers very intriguing insights from her craft as a potter in Brooklyn, NY. Image after image spills out from her process of forming a clay vessel, and I invite you to reflect on the many rich implications for your own personal life formation. Read Sally’s reflections on centering clay below.  - Scott Dewey

Hi Scott,

I have a few thoughts about "Centering Way" from a potter's point of view that I've been meaning to share with you. When you throw clay on a pottery wheel, before you work it into any distinct shape, it must be centered on the wheel. Moving the clay evenly into a mound in the middle of a spinning plate sounds like a fairly simple task, but it is the most challenging and important step to making a piece of any size. Not only is it vital to establish a strong foundation for the vessel, but the act of centering is also a subtle practice of accepting that sometimes things will not go as planned.