Our Story

Centering Way was formed in 2016 with a mission to provide care, resources, and guided spiritual experiences for people from all walks of life to thrive in challenging settings. Scott Dewey, Stephie Dunlap, and Nancy Black have collaborated in various settings for a number of years, and bring together many combined decades of experience in helping people cultivate fruitful inner lives and relationshipsWhat has emerged as Centering Way is a delightful, dynamic blend of common commitments and complimentary giftedness – among our staff, volunteers, and collaborative partners.  

 Centering Way is an affiliate of Mile High Ministries, who currently provides our 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit organization. Even more significantly, each of us for years has been embedded in MHM’s faith-based community of “prayer, presence, and peacemaking” in Denver, Colorado. What a daily joy it is to be with this growing, creative and highly dedicated fellowship of contemplative activists! We also have working partnerships with numerous other organizations and groups in Colorado and beyond.  

Who We Serve

As a Centering Way team we share a particular commitment to people who have firsthand experiences of poverty, oppression, and trauma. Equally importantwe care for caregivers, activists, faith leaders, and engaged community members who have joined their lives and vocations with vulnerable people in these contexts. We know close-up what it looks like to flounder amid these challenges (not pretty!), and what movements toward vibrant living can be possible.  

 We offer personalized care for weary and broken individuals and teams. We have practical tools that can help sustain those living and serving in challenging contexts over the long haul. We invite particular ways of seeing and being for those who yearn to be more deeply rooted and grounded in love. 

Our Ways of Tending the Soul

We pay particular attention to the soul in transition. “In a dark time, the eye begins to see” (Roethke).  Loss and longing are gateways to life. Disorienting experiences and seasons of struggle hold great opportunity.   

 We practice and facilitate spiritual formation in the ways of Jesus, whose own formation involved both his personal interior experience and his public engagement with the world. His soul was nurtured and challenged in solitude, in nature, in kinship and community on the margins of society, and in faithfulness to his divine life calling.  

 As followers of Jesus, the scope of our work is by no means limited to the “Christian” world. We learn from Jesus what it means to be fully human – awake and alive in the world. We learn what it means to be “rooted and grounded in love” and to be ever growing in union with God. We see what it is to radically embrace the “other” within ourselves and our society – even what we perceived to be enemies. These are gifts and blessings for all people.

Our Funding

In order to serve people from all walks of life, including those without the means to pay for our services, we rely on generous donors who desire to help people thrive in challenging contexts. Donations support Centering Way’s general fund (“where needed most”) and program participant scholarships. 

 We also receive income from participant fees, as well as organizational consulting and contracted program work.  

 Centering Way is committed to the highest level of financial accountability; further details about our finances are available on request.