What Is Spiritual Direction?



Spiritual Direction is a focused journey of tending the soul, accompanied by a guide, that invites open-hearted attention to the loving presence and unfolding work of God in our everyday lives.

Spiritual direction is rooted in ancient practices whereby a director and directee listen together for the promptings of the Spirit, trusting that “God comes to us disguised as our life” (Paula D’Arcy). The relationship may be initiated in the context of a crisis or discernment question in the life of the directee, but this is not necessarily so. Conversations often involve ordinary circumstances, in view of the sacredness of the ordinary - no less than the extraordinary - events of life. It is an honest process, engaging experiences of spiritual vitality and connection, spiritual dryness, doubt, or even feelings of abandonment by God - as part of the spiritual journey. It is a process of awakening our true self and opening to connection and intimacy with God.


What does a typical session look like?

A typical spiritual direction session often involves a time of quiet centering, followed by a personal update by you, the directee. You may have an specific issue for discernment, something troubling, or something to celebrate – with God’s presence and activity in view. Your director may ask clarifying questions and questions for reflection, interspersed with time for silent meditation or contemplative reading. As appropriate, the director may offer suggestions for life-giving and trustworthy spiritual practices that are in sync with how you connect with the Spirit’s flow in your life.

At Centering Way we offer both individual and group spiritual direction. Individuals typically meet once a month in a quiet, confidential setting. Other options may be a walk outdoors or online (Skype for instance).

Groups typically meet once a month for nine months. We facilitate group sessions in a very structured, confidential way that allows each member to be deeply heard and held in love. Group spiritual direction is a powerful process with a different dynamic than individual sessions, allowing the wisdom of the group to speak. Participants experience much healing, clarity, and growth! Participants often do not know each other beforehand, though we can facilitate groups of friends as well. Contact us if you would like to consider joining a group.


Who will I meet with?

Scott Dewey and Nancy Black are trained and certified in spiritual direction, with experience in directing individuals and groups. We are members of Spiritual Directors International and the North Denver Soul Care Network. In entering a spiritual direction relationship with you, we commit ourselves to holding your spiritual journey in reverence, love, and prayer.


What does it cost?

Centering Way spiritual directors, like many spiritual directors, charge a fee per session. Our desire is for no one to be excluded for reason of cost, however, so please discuss sliding-scale fees with us.


What Is Spiritual Direction NOT?

Spiritual Direction is not…
Pastoral care
Soul friendship
Bible teaching or religious instruction
… as vital as these roles are for many of us.

We’ll be happy to discuss with you how spiritual direction may fit with your needs, or whether some of these other roles may be more appropriate for what you are looking for.


Do I need to share the same faith perspective as my spiritual director? What if I don’t even believe in God at all at this point in my life, or am angry about faith or religion?

In the shared process of spiritual direction, we respect, honor, and focus on YOUR journey as sacred - and listen together to the deepest stirrings in your life. This is the fertile soil for your growth that we will explore each time. You may be religiously conservative or progressive, hurt by your faith tradition or energized by it, devout or spiritually seeking. We believe that every event, circumstance, stage and season of life offers an invitation to greater depth and breadth of your soul.

As spiritual directors we bring our own rich life experiences, faith perspectives, prayer practices, and relationship with God to each spiritual direction session. Unlike mentoring or other roles, however, our experience is not held up as a model for how you should think, discern, grow, or connect with God. Our trust and confidence is that as we listen together with the ears of the heart – director and directee – you will be gently prompted toward fuller life and connection with divine presence.


What if I’ve got more questions before I jump in?

Great! Contact us for a conversation about spiritual direction in your life. We’d be happy to speak with you over the phone or in person about your needs, and how this might be a fit.